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High-end Gay Cruising Spot in Athens, Greece: A Private, Safe & Unique Experience

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We welcome you to our Athens Gay "cruising" in Greece informational page. Here you can find information about the cruising slang, such as definition (meaning) and historical data, as well as details for our gay-friendly cruising high-end private venue (spot) in Greece's capital that you can visit, for a high-quality, safe and unique experience.

What is Cruising? Cruising Slang Meaning

Definition (or meaning of cruising - or "cruising for sex"): This term is used when someone goes to a specific (public or private) outdoor (or indoor, or even an online) "meeting" place, aiming to find a sex mate, where many people gather for the same reason, to have casual sex, usually in an anonymous (one-time) manner. It is mostly used by homosexual (gay) men (men who are sexually attracted to other men).

Where Does Cruising Term Originate From?

According to Wikipedia and to the historian and author Tim Blanning, the term cruising originates from the Dutch equivalent "kruisen".

From its infancy, "cruising" term is used as a "code word" between gay men in order to protect themselves from homophobic physical (or other) abuse, and at the same time "recognize" each other (for those "in the know") without revealing the actual intention of this term.

The cruising places are often considered meeting places for men who are otherwise living more conventional lifestyles. For instance, it was noted in Laud Humphreys' 1970 study about anonymous gay sex meeting places that most men who visited those places were at least seeming heterosexuals who had families.

8 Downtown in Athens, Greece is the No. 1 Gay-Friendly Private Venue Choice for High-end Cruising (for Picky Homosexual or Bisexual Men Around the World)

8 Downtown (ex "Adult Theaters") multi-level erotic private venue is right at the heart of Athens, Greece. Our multiplex is 670 square meters and consists of a main cinema hall area (including more smaller cinema halls for more privacy and less people).

Only erotic-porn movies are projected within 8 Downtown, 7 days a week, from 12 pm to 3 am during Sundays-Thursdays, and from 12 pm to 4 am during Fridays and Saturdays.

Hot Gay Cruising Athens Greece Spot: 8 Downtown Athens
Hot Gay Cruising Athens Greece Spot: 8 Downtown Athens

If you think that at 8 Downtown all you can do is watch a porn movie in a cold outdated venue, we have news for you.

8 Downtown is THE "Hotspot" in Greece For Classy Cruising - A High-end Meeting Place - The "Physical Tinder"!

Our venue has several private or semi-private cabins (or booths) of different sizes, which can provide the privacy you are looking for.


If you enjoy "peep-shows", you can enjoy this experience too, by choosing a booth that offers this possibility through windows that can be opened from both interconnected cabins, transparent glass, or curtains.

Glory Holes

You can also find some cabins that offer the option for a glory-hole sensual experience.

BDSM Dungeon - Dark Rooms

Last but not least, our -Basement consists of a medieval decor dungeon where you can fulfil more hardcore fantasies, like cages, and dark rooms

Entry Fees

There is an entrance ticket fee with which you can cruise in all areas-levels of our establishment.

8 Downtown Rules

We have very strict rules at our venue in terms of cleanness and mutually kind-respectful behaviour, in order to ensure the safety and high-quality time experience of all our visitors. Read our rules here.

We'd Love to Welcome You to 8 Downtown Athens (8 Karolou Str.)

We love and welcome (and are friendly to) straight and LGBT people who are open-minded, respectful and kind to each other, clean, who also want to meet alike people, and have the time of their lives at our private venue.

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