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Upon entering our facilities it is required that basic rules of good behaviour are maintained. We want and require all visitors of 8 Downtown Athens to feel safe and calm in our environment.​

  1. Admission to people under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.

  2. Smoking in the cinema hall is not allowed.

  3. Any audiovisual means of recording, including cameras and cell phones, are prohibited within 8 Down Town during your visit.

  4. Voices must be kept low, slander and being a nuisance towards others will not be tolerated.

  5. Entrance to those who do not meet the basic cleanliness & personal hygiene rules (dirty clothing, bad body odours etc.) will be forbidden.

  6. The staff of 8 Down Town has the right to end your visit to our premises if you behave annoyingly, aggressively or if you disrespect other visitors.

  7. Cleanliness and hygiene are everyone's, including ours, immediate priority and obligation. There are waste baskets all around for the disposal of unwanted objects and always make sure the space you used is clean and tidy before exiting.

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