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Adult Theater - Erotic Porn Cinema in Athens, Greece: #1 Adult Entertainment Option

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Are you looking for an "adult theater near me" on Google? We welcome you to our new website for our 8 Downtown adult entertainment multi-level establishment (the ex "Adult Theaters" or "[at]): The No. 1 Adult Entertainment Space in Athens, Greece:

What are Adult Theaters? Definition

Adult theater is an establishment equipped with cinema halls playing adult-films..

Now that we are at the final round of our renaming and re-branding, our feelings are mixed... We are all highly emotionally charged.

How can we let go a brand name with which we grew so much since 11 years ago?

Best Porn Cinema in Athens, Greece - Adult Erotic Sex Theater
Best Porn Cinema in Athens, Greece - Adult Erotic Sex Theater

We pondered on this question for a long time. You got to know us with this brand name [Adult Theaters], you loved, honoured, and supported us... And we offered the same level of love, care, and commitment to you. Thank you all for this wonderful journey we have had so far!

Life goes on though, and change is an inevitable part of life that supports growth and evolution. Especially for the type of businesses that are not just a label, but a living organisation with a strong heart-beat that breathes, nurtures, and evolves, exactly like humans do.

It could not be any different, for us, when our business is a team of human beings. We witness many businesses "die" for this reason: Staying the same, not developing and improving as modern times require.

Modern times require us to evolve and improve significantly, not superficially. During these unprecedented times our world faces the last few years, we owed to ourselves to be prepared for "the next day". And we did it.

Our new label, and our new brand identity is the initial move for this new era, combined with a total renovation of our physical adult entertainment multiplex. We improved many areas at the best levels from where we were and we feel proud that we made it.

Our renovated space's name "8 Downtown" comes from the 8 (which is the number of the street we are at) and the word "downtown" which signal the center of a city.

The most wonderful things will be happening at the heart center of Athens, at 8 Karolou Street (Metaxourgeio area).

We look forward to host you from our beginning and all the following years in our journey.

We are not Just an Adult Entertainment Cinema Playing Porn

Our facilities offer much more than an erotic porn cinema in Athens playing adult films. 8 Down Town has many different levels that have private cabins (or semi-private), so you can choose the level of privacy you desire every time. If you desire complete privacy, in our cabins you can feel like you are watching adult films from the safety of your home. We want you to feel like home, and we offer you many options to choose from, according to your needs, to enjoy our spaces, either alone or with your company.

Our goal for our multi-level spaces is to be the trigger of your erotic fantasies, because for us, love is a way to express one's self and decompress, in a calm environment, away from restricting and old-fashioned mentalities of the past.

We have no discrimination policy in terms of sexes, ethnicities, and mainly the sexual preferences of our customers. We are LGBT+ community, straight, cross-dressers, swingers friendly, etc. We firmly believe that all people can co-exist under the same roof, with mutual respect to one another. All adults (over 18 y.o) are welcome to our space, as long as they show respect to the space, to our personnel, and the other customers in our space.

At 8 Downtown we don't offer paid sex services, for any reason. We never did and we never will.

The ex-Adult Theaters is a MUST Choice

We are THE CHOICE due to the following regarding our establishment:

  • Cleanness

  • Safety

  • Uniqueness

What You Will Find at 8 Downtown:

When entering our space you will sense a prevalent erotic atmosphere, coming from our interior decor, our premises, the sound of the films that is widespread within our multiplex, the labyrinthine dimension of spaces, and the multitude of options we offer to our visitors.

Dark Rooms in Athens Greece

“Strangers in the Night” is the song we would choose to melodically dress the dark room option.

If being in the dark inspires you or arouses you, you will find different "dark rooms" with super-comfortable and top quality relaxing sofas where you can flirt with you company or with strangers that you will meet there, who have the same desire as you.

BDSM Dungeon Athens, Greece - Come for a "50 Shades of Gray" Experience

At the basement area of 8 Downtown you will find a highly sensual dungeon space that is appropriate for more hardcore fantasies like in the "50 Shades of Gray" trilogy.

We don't offer, sell or rent any BDSM toy or BDSM accessories. You can come dressed-up appropriately and have with you any personal items such as sex toys and accessories, for this type of erotic fantasies.

Important note: The fact that we have created such a space does not mean that we allow any aggressive, disrespectful, or insulting behaviour from any visitor/customer of ours. Extremities, man or woman torturing, and putting anyone's life in danger, or out of safety is not allowed for any reason. By doing anything similar, you will be expelled from our multiplex, and you shall never be able to come again.

Glory Holes Athens

The Anticipation of the Unknown….

Gloryholes is a well-known and popular sexual fantasy worldwide. In our multiplex, you will find many spots with such offerings and cabins, that will ignite your imagination.

Private and Semi-Private Cabins for real-time Offline "Peep Show"

Our cabins are widespread within 8 Downtown and vary in dimensions and sizes (small, for few people, big, etc).

The cabins is the main space that offers total privacy if that is what you wish. If you desire another level of privacy though, you can use a cabin with intercommunication features with the neighbouring cabins. The choice is 100% yours to enjoy the privacy you wish. The doors of the cabins only lock from the inside user.

Some cabins have glass windows and cab be used for "peeping show" experiences (not with professionals) with you and your company as main characters.

Strict Rules for Hygiene, Safety, and Behaviour - 8 Downtown

When it comes to cleanness and hygiene we have non-negotiable rules everyone adheres to, you will understand this from your first visit at our multiplex, from how clean our toilets are, our disinfectans, our waste baskets in every space, the continuous maintenance in all spaces during all business ours, and most importantly from the daily decontamination everywhere, after we close in the early morning hours. It is always a pleasure and great help of course, when you do your best on your end, to keep our spaces clean.

Our aim is all our visitors feel safe and calm. We encourage you to report to the cashier or the manager in charge, any event or behaviour you saw from others that annoyed you, insulted you, or made you feel unsafe. In order to be our regular visitor, we expect all our customers to respect one another and avoid doing anything that can cause discomfort or put anyone in an unpleasant position.

Our multi-level spaces are open for:

We do not accept any discriminating, insulting, or harassing behaviour towards any of our customers in our space, in regards to their different sexual preferences, their different skin colour or ethnicity. In any event, those who do not follow our rules will be expelled from our space, and there will be no second chances to enter our premises again. EVER. Mutual respect between our customers and our personnel is top prerequisite in order to enjoy our multi-level spaces.

When entering our multiplex, you will find Lockers, where you can secure and lock your personal items, so you don't carry them along during your cruising experience in our spaces.

Come to 8 Downtown Adult Entertainment Mutiplex in Athens - At 8 Karolou Str.

Flush the daily stress by expressing your sexuality in the most contemporary, innovative, safe, and modern way at the best sensual physical multi-level space in Greece, in the heart of Athens.

8 Down Town Entry Costs

You may access our entry costs here.

8 Downtown Rules

You may access our rules here.

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